The Maison Alexander Support Group Inc. is a nonprofit organization that specializes in assisting neonatal families in need during their time in the NICU.  With our gas/food cards, free programs and more, we strive to eliminate stress and being the extra shoulder the NICU family needs.

Our Heart

Serving NICU families Nationwide

Our Vision "Beat the Need!"

It is our heart's desire to impact the neonatal community through donations, knowledge, and encouragement.  Our plans for the future is to beat the need!  MASG INC. is gearing towards our very own donation tour with each NICU Nation Wide.  Soon, families will not have to seek, request, and wait to complete an application.  They will simply walk up to our station (at the hospital), request and receive assistance on the spot.  

What We Do

We provide gas/food cards, premature clothes, infant items, diapers, and more!  From the constant hospital visits to breast pumping around the clock, adjusting with existing family in the home, to medical issues, and bills; MASG INC. knows the journey can be overwhelming.  In addition to providing donations, we also provide our free programs. Our programs overcome the NICU hurdles by creating paths & tools that work. We desire to stand in the gap and help eliminate the stress that comes with the journey.

MASG INC. has created and implemented different tools to help support neonatal families during their time at the hospital.  In addition to the gas/food cards and infant items, we also have our first devotional, craft club, and connection with friends.  With ongoing support, we will be the extra shoulder the neonatal community needs.

We have been established since February 2014, serving both local and nationwide.  MASG INC. works hard to grow and make our presences known not just for NICU families, but also hospitals and neonatal specialist across the world. On social media, we serve a range of 99-2300 families with information on breastfeeding, pumping, our 'Did You Know' (#DYK) NICU facts, Kangaroo Care (book for the week), post regarding other families and their current journey's, our projects and overall prayers and words of encouragement.  We take heart in our services and desire to help others.  In fact, not only have we inspired others to do what we do, but we are the first to get started and we are the only NICU support group of genera within Dallas TX. 💜